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Our CMS is one of the easiest and most flexible available on the market. It is the perfect small business CMS, specially made for the owners of small to medium web sites that need to be able to update their web site whenever they want, without the need for an IT department, or any knowledge of computer programming.

With this system, you basically type your updates on the web page, like other word processors such as MS Word. If you can type letters using your computer, then you will be able to update your website.

You can also insert images, tables, and hyperlinks on your web page. You can create a link from one page to another. You can even add pages to your website (or delete pages).

This system is so easy to use, we are sure you'll love it. You owe it to yourself to try it at least once...

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" Net  Sketchers  exceeded all of my expectations when it came to  web site  design. From  start  to  finish  I  was impressed by the creativity, professionalism,   follow-up and responsiveness     that produced  a  final   product that conveyed exactly what I intended..."

Susan A. Collins
PCM Associates

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